- Our purpose is to provide information about upcoming character releases to help Travelers plan ahead, due to how difficult and expensive pull currency is to save and obtain.- We have a separate website for non-leak-related guides and resources.- The SYP Team consists of two admins (A.Q. and I.T.) and a small, wonderful team of volunteer translators we'd be nowhere without.- We are proud to have been the first group dedicated to aggregating and tracking the reliability of banner-related leaks in a single, easy-to-reference place. Since we started, we have built and continue to maintain a Leaks Archive on Discord that tracks reliable leaks across EN, CN, and RUS sources.- Should we have reliable intel to share, we now sometimes leak character-related information at SpendYourPrimos.- We avoid spoilers as best we can, but light spoilers for the existence of future characters/events/skins/etc. are necessary to help create banner timelines.- The best we can provide is what trusted sources currently believe to be true. Every aspect is subject to change, every source is subject to being incorrect.

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The SYP Commandments1. Never pull without a plan.2. Always plan for worst case scenario.3. Waifu/Husbando > Meta, but every character also deserves to be balanced and worth your investment.4. Your mental and financial well-being is more important than a game.5. "Building pity" is a myth invented by the paper-handed. Never pull unless you're okay getting the rate-up 5✰.

As we hope our work (and the even harder work of others) will one day no longer be needed, we ask for the implementation of proper roadmaps and release calendars on every official survey. To support us, please consider doing the same. - SYP Team

Note: This is a list of resources we ourselves frequent. Aside from our own guide(s), we are not personally affiliated with any of the creators listed, and a creator being listed here should not be interpreted as a sign of their endorsement of us.


HoneyHunter - https://genshin.honeyhunterworld.com
Project Amber - https://ambr.top/en
Project Celestia - https://www.projectcelestia.com
Genshin Impact Quest Archive - https://www.youtube.com/c/GenshinImpactQuestArchive/videosKhaenri'ah Lore Library & Database - https://khaenriah.com/library
Beginner's Guide to Genshin Lore - https://khaenriah.com/beginners

Useful Tools

[Schedule] 2023 Version Update Calendar (by /u/izzykuroneko)[Theorycrafting] GI Helper Team's Character Builds (Beginner-friendly)
[Theorycrafting] KQM Character Guide Database
[Theorycrafting] GI Damage Calculator
[Theorycrafting] Genshin Optimizer (Advanced)
[All-Purpose Tracking] Genshin Center
[Wish Tracking] Paimon.moe
[Showcase Builder] Shinshin.moe (Requires Screenshots)
[Showcase Builder] Enka.Network (UID-Generated)

Historical Tracking

[Banners] Character/Banner History Sheet (by sakuno#7950@KQM)
[Banners] Genshin Banner Interval Sheet (by SYP)
[Freemogems] Genshin Bookkeeping (by /u/sectoidfodder)
[Freemogems] Patch Primo Income (by /u/Saber1202)